East Bay Deli


All locations (11) in South Carolina had daily challenges with grease build up on the floors causing them to be slippery. They also experienced backups in their beverage machines due to sugar buildup. Each deli was using what they thought would remedy these challenges adding several SKUs to their cleaning products.


Two locations used BioProtect FOG and Sugar Eliminator for the duration of a month as a weekly drain treatment, daily floor cleaner, and everyday/all other applications cleaner (stainless, table tops, windows, bathrooms etc.).

  • All drains treated once per week with 8 oz of undiluted product
  • Dispensers were installed to automatically dilute to 2 oz per gallon on water.
  • Mop and let dry with regular mopping routine of once per day in back-of-house and front-of-house, with no rinse needed.
  • BioProtect FOG and Sugar Eliminator was used in 32 oz spray bottles as an everyday everywhere cleaner.
  • Replaced degreaser, stainless cleaner, bathroom cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, and window cleaner routine in BOH and FOH, with no rinsing needed.


With consistent once per week treatments in the beverage machine drains there have been no backups from the sugar buildup.

After 7 days of consistent mopping the grease build up on the floors in the FOH and BOH was eliminated and the floors were no longer slippery. By installing dispensers, East Bay Deli can control the amount of product used to clean the floors, helping to control costs.

By utilizing BioProtect’s FOG and Sugar Eliminator as their everyday cleaner, East Bay Deli has been able to eliminate 5 unnecessary SKUs in their chemical category, immediately reducing their operations costs.

With our restaurants being located in the South, humidity and rain combined with greasy/slippery tile floors is an accident waiting to happen. In our industry this is referred to as “ice skating” in the BOH and FOH.  Until BioProtect, nothing was able to completely eliminate that problem.  After 7 days of consistent mopping with BioProtect FOG and Sugar Eliminator, that problem has been resolved.

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